Hybrid Cloud Management

We deliver agentless discovery that quickly gives you a full-service view with clear analytics for strategic management across your complex enterprise—from legacy data centers to the latest cloud technologies. And it scales to any size.

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Bring clarity to your business services and IT infrastructure through iQCloud’s advanced discovery and service mapping capabilities across your entire enterprise.

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Get fast, agentless discovery of on-premises, SaaS, infrastructure (OS, VM, network, storage), containers, Docker, microservices and public cloud.


Follow the right strategy with automated business service mapping and grouping with community driven extensibility.


See clearly into the business impacts of configuration changes and drift for continuous improvement.




Optimize your processes with a unified, full-service perspective of all applications and associated resources with CMDB integration.

Why iQuate?

We bridge the gap in hybrid cloud.

It’s a huge challenge to rapidly collect the right information you need for complete visibility into services that function across legacy data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

But that singular perspective is the key to making the right decisions.

The speed and accuracy of our solutions enable our customers to quickly see through complex virtual clusters, web scale platforms and hybrid cloud environments. That’s why top global organizations use iQuate to get the visibility they need to support successful competitive strategies in digital business.