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The Fast Track to Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Management

Cloud migration is a complex process with many moving parts. Operational intelligence is key to feeding each of the steps involved. To get this intelligence, you’ll need to perform thorough discovery and service mapping of your IT estate. Use this information to assess and re-assess your environment to evaluate opportunities. Only then can you build a cohesive plan. 

Next, start your migration factory by on-boarding, executing and managing applications. You’ll need to bring in new technologies and execute business services in new ways—all while simultaneously managing an IT estate that’s growing in complexity.

The process never really stops. In fact, to manage your new IT estate, you’ll need to keep repeating the process for continuous improvement.

It’s automatic. iQCloud gives you the data and details you need to:

Identify and prioritize migration opportunities for quick wins and a solid business case.

Migrate business-critical applications with complete confidence that you understand their dependencies.

Proceed with automated accuracy—even if you’re starting with zero knowledge of your IT estate.

iQuate and Cisco Drive Transformation to Multicloud

Why iQCloud for Cloud Migration?


Get the Full Picture—If you’re unclear or uncertain about the details of your current IT estate, it’s no problem. iQCloud’s automated discovery and service mapping will find and map your infrastructure and applications resources.


Always Up-to-Date—iQCloud’s discovery and service mapping process typically takes one hour or less to provide a thorough snapshot of your IT estate, so it’s easy to assess and re-assess your environment.


Realize Lightning-Speed Time to ValueSee where you can get the fastest wins with the least effort in the cloud. Start with these successes and build your reputation as a cloud migration expert.


Zero Footprint—iQCloud is a SaaS-based solution that has no performance impact on the resources in your IT environment. Get a full picture without having to deploy your full CMDB solutions.

“In a few weeks, we’re able to start migrating with no surprises. iQCloud helps us keep our customers happy and our projects on-time. It’s a critical part of migrating to Cisco CloudCenter.” – Engage ESM

“In just two weeks we had visibility that would have taken us at least two months of manual discovery effort before. iQCloud is a great technology to support a long list of our clients’ most important initiatives.” – Onstak

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