Bring clarity to your business services and IT infrastructure through iQCloud’s advanced discovery and service mapping capabilities.

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Product Overview

iQCloud is a powerful cloud-based digital enterprise management solution that automates asset discovery and service mapping to build a holistic view of all your hybrid datacenter assets and the relationship between them in order to better manage the risk of changes, lower costs and improve agility. Unlike traditional mapping tools, iQCloud is architected to discover and map services in highly dynamic, virtualized IT environments.  You can start with a service IP entry point or a range of IPs to create a complete and accurate map of a service with all the applications, servers, databases, virtual machines, network connections, and other IT components that support that service.

Increase Visibility

In real-time map business services to IT infrastructure, generating a service-aware CMDB.

Gain Agility

By delivering automation and accuracy to your organization’s IT processes.

Lower TCO

Lower your OpEx costs by eliminating erroneous manual work with automated discovery and dependency mapping

Minimize Outages

By actively detecting, diagnosing and remediating service issues.

Capitalize on Integrations

Leverage your existing ITSM investments by seamlessly delivering and integrating ITOM capabilities.

Enable Digital Transformation

Automate software subscription solution, navigate complex modern applications in a hybrid world with ease.


Real-time Discovery

Automatically discover your services and IT infrastructure in minutes and keep it up to date in real-time.

Service Mapping

Create comprehensive topology maps of your entire infrastructure while identifying all IT elements that support applications and business services spanning your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.


Drift Tracking

Identify non-approved or misguided changes that could impact service performance issues while ensuring consistent and predictable configurations. This will reduce application outages and improve mean time to repair (MTTR) 


Performance Metrics

Collect performance measurement data to better assess the health of your mission-critical services, in order to better plan your digital transformation and manage capacity.

CMDB Integration

Capitalize on your existing ITSM investment by integrating with your CMDB of choice iQcloud’s Rest API.

Community Enabled Catalog

Open source collaboration for community development of software fingerprints


Integrate with your existing management platforms


iQuate enables Cisco – working together to deploy, migrate, and manage enterprise and hybrid cloud environments: