iQuate’s Support of

Today iQuate, the automated IT discovery, inventory and measurement specialists for large enterprises, announced its support of and the organizational benefits enabled by ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009  Software ID (SWID) tags.

The movement toward industry-wide adoption of software identification (SWID) tags promises to facilitate clarity and cost savings in managing enterprise IT inventory.  SWID tags are simple XML files placed on machines hard disks by supporting software, and provide a universal method for tracking and managing the software applications running in an IT estate.

Organizations such as bring software vendors, IT inventory tool providers, and software procurement teams together to help define the certification requirements.

“Tool providers such as iQuate are critical to the success of tag use in the customer environment,” says Steve Klos, Executive Director of “Customers are requiring SWID tags from publishers and it’s clear that tool providers need to support SWID tag data if they want their tools to remain relevant to their customers.”

Both Steve Klos and iQuate’s founder Jason Keogh are members of the ISO/IEC Working Group responsible for the 19770 “SAM” family of standards. ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 defines the data standard for Software ID (SWID) tags.

“Many IT departments are struggling to accurately understand what software is running on which machines within their IT environments,” says Keogh. “Our goal in joining is to work towards solutions that will ultimately benefit end user organizations in a major way. The current -2 SWID tags are a significant step in the right direction. and iQuate are also working, through ISO, on developing future standards to enable better management of software and software licenses in increasingly virtualized environments.”

About is a certification authority for software identification tags based on the ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 standard. Formed as a non-profit organization under IEEE-ISTO, provides a shared library of software tools, technical knowledge and communications forums that decrease the costs of creating, managing and using software identification tags.’s certification process ensures SWID tags fully conform to the specification; provide a minimum specified level of information while also ensuring that all terms used in the tag are normalized. Certified software identification tags are digitally signed and time-stamped ensuring authoritative tag data that any third party can validate. Certified software identification tags enable accurate and authoritative software identification reducing the cost and complexity and improving accuracy of software logistics, security and compliance activities for all SAM eco-system members.

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