For over a decade, iQuate has been a world leader in enterprise software analysis and discovery, staying one step ahead of shifting IT trends through our commitment to continuous innovation.

As service delivery models evolve, so do we, always enabling our customers to save money and drive efficiency.

In the beginning, we focused on data center monitoring, with an agentless technology that helped organizations manage their infrastructure in real time. With the adoption of virtualization and converged infrastructures, we found a new demand for our unique capabilities – data center discovery and dependency mapping.

The demand for a more dynamic and efficient data center infrastructure and service-centric IT brings its own challenges. Leveraging virtualization and cloud services makes it very difficult for IT operations, procurement and vendor management groups to gain a clear picture of the relationships and dependencies between applications, servers, network and storage that have such an impact on their virtual estates.

How can you optimize an environment if you can’t see what’s in it; plan a cloud migration if you are uncertain of what the components do? Or be sure your license positions across multi-tiered platforms are accurate and up to date?

iQuate fills the gap. We have developed discovery and dependency mapping capabilities that are only going to become more valuable as the growth in applications and cloud services increases. We also provide seamless integration with operations management software and license tools from third-party vendors, allowing you to leverage existing investments and extend their capabilities. The endgame is unprecedented insight into your IT environment.

Don’t take our word for it. Gartner has named iQuate a “Cool Vendor in IT Operations Management” – defining “cool” as “innovative, impactful and intriguing.” Change is constant in enterprise IT. iQuate is in the business of helping manage it and facilitating business transformation.

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