How can a CIO decrease spending? These days, the answer always includes migrating resources to the cloud. The cloud can reduce spending. Just one of the many recent success stories is Fairfax County, Virginia. According to a recent report from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA),  six in 10 companies have more than 40% of their IT architecture in the cloud. The report says that “cost savings is the number one benefit.”

Eliminating the physical and maintenance costs associated with managing data centers would be a big win for most organizations, and it’s not just about saving money. Once you get out of the data center management business, you’ve got more time for innovation. Seth Robinson, CompTIA’s senior director for technology explains: “First and foremost, cloud computing allows users to widen the scope of technological possibilities, whether it’s accelerating existing plans of experimenting with new uses.”

Knowledge = Power

Still, closing data centers is hard. How do you know what to move to the cloud? What will you rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild or replace? Cloud migrations often start with moving business apps to the cloud on a one-off basis. This limits the amount of savings you can realize quickly. Closing your datacenters is the holy grail.  But you can’t close your datacenters and save all that expense without knowing the playing field.

Ask a CIO if they have a good handle on what is in their datacenters, and the response is usually a sheepish smile. “Well, we have a CMDB… but it’s out of date.” “The data center manager has a spreadsheet…” And so on.

Enter the discovery tool. A simple discovery tool can find servers and VM’s, but that’s not enough to get you to the finish line. You need a solution that can discover multi-tiered applications, their dependencies, and their communication paths. Ideally, you’d want a solution that can automatically group components like servers and software into application maps.

iQCloud is such a tool. It provides an agentless, automated way to discover the landscape of your IT estate with very little initial knowledge required. Within an hour it can be deployed and produce detailed service maps in minutes. iQCloud shows relationships between physical, virtual and cloud resources so you can identify quick wins for applications that will deliver the most benefit for the least effort when migrating to the cloud.

With iQCloud, you’ll have a trusted, accurate inventory of your business services and applications that your datacenter supports. And only with that knowledge you can plan a successful path to closing those datacenters and getting back to your real focus—innovation.

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