Discovery for Cloud Migration

Plan your journey to the cloud with iQCloud. Our cloud migration tool offers full visibility and analytics into the IT services, applications and workloads that run your business today.

Your journey to cloud starts with discovery.

The first step in any migration plan is to get a current state analysis of your entire IT estate, with discovery and service mapping that shows your IT infrastructure, applications and dependencies.


Discover all your complex business services by automatically generating a complete service map to determine cloud suitability


View the full end-to-end service profile to understand how to craft your cloud migration strategy by building move groups based on dependencies, communication and configuration


Build a complete migration assessment report using the iQCloud BI Engine to fast-track your journey to any cloud platform with minimal risk


Service-First Cloud Migration

Get a service-centric view of your entire IT estate with a strategy that addresses discovery for hybrid IT. With built-in automation, iQuate will enable you to continuously plan and assess a service-first migration strategy with your critical business workflows in mind.

Cloud Suitability

Are your business services cloud-ready? Understand all the underlying infrastructure that supports your business service to score your applications for cloud suitability and overall compliance.

Move Group Analysis

Identify your first movers based on service dependencies, size, shared infrastructure, services, and cloud compatibility.

Migration Strategy

Score your business services and infrastructure in the iQCloud BI Engine using Gartner’s 6R’s migration model (rehost, replatform, repurchase, refactor, retire retain). For further, analysis build custom logic around cloud economics and right sizing.