By Shane McDermott, Director of Alliances, iQuate

Few organizations have realized that a whole other level of added value benefits exist for IT asset management and service teams. This is because the inventory collated in the ServiceNow CMDB can be used to generate an AMDB (Asset Management Database) with just the click of a button.

What you get with an AMDB is an invaluable resource for tiers of management involved in hardware and software who have been relying on inaccurate and out-of-date data to do their jobs. On top of making life easier for managers of hardware and software assets, you drive true business and IT transformation with an AMDB that feeds from a solid CMDB. IT Service Management, through a valid AMDB, is driving digital transformation for the world’s leading enterprises.

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Empower the engine room

The IT organization is the engine room of a modern business. What service managers and asset managers need to keep the business moving is detailed catalogues of their IT estate. Then they can model components for transformation projects and support ongoing asset management requirements. Anything discovered in the estate that doesn’t match with items in the catalogue is an anomaly that needs to be investigated.

The good news is that if you are using iQSonar from iQuate to populate your ServiceNow CMDB, you are well on the way to solving these problems in a cost-effective and efficient way. You are working with complete data that’s accurate and up to date, that automatically populates the AMDB with the data that IT service and asset managers need to do their jobs.

Many of them depend on third parties that provide vast software catalogues, a database of normalized titles that they can check their own discoveries against to build up an inventory of assets. The problem with these services is that they are expensive, incomplete and frequently inaccurate.

Our view here in iQuate is that you shouldn’t need to crosscheck your estate against millions of products via a patchy service. A more effective approach is to discover and collate a definitive database of what you have installed. That becomes your catalogue.

Build your own catalogue

iQuate makes this possible. Our iQSonar product is the best discovery solution on the market. Because of its seamless integration with ServiceNow it facilitates the creation of a definitive inventory, first in the CMDB and then in the AMDB where it supports a range of role-based IT management tasks.

By populating the AMDB in parallel with the CMDB, you save time and money. Better still, you can cut the cost of paying for third party software catalogues. You won’t need them because you’ve created your own, which will support multiple use cases.

If you are planning to migrate an application to Amazon Web Services, for example, iQSonar for ServiceNow can compile the move of relevant assets and dependencies to enable a smoother transition. Use our data to calculate how long the move will take and what the application will look like in the new environment.

The upfront value proposition of iQuate for ServiceNow is clear to many organizations at this stage. As they populate the ServiceNow CMDB with discovered data from iQSonar they get a single source of truth that enables them to reconcile disparate components in the IT estate.

Basically, we give you a one-stop solution that supports multiple tasks. The struggle to find a definitive source of truth in increasingly complex server estates and data centers is over.