iQSonar + ServiceNow

iQSonar for ServiceNow populates the CMDB with richer data and more information about complex relationships to fill the gaps in underlying infrastructure visibility.

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Integration with ServiceNow

iQSonar populates the ServiceNow CMDB with an integration plug-in to provide a rich source of data for use in ServiceNow process models. The data discovered by iQSonar can be aggregated and consumed by all ServiceNow-developed processes such as asset registries and license management applications.

Why select iQSonar with ServiceNow?

ServiceNow integration means organizations can use our dependency mapping solutions to populate ServiceNow’s configuration management databases (CMDBs). IT Ops and Service Managers will be able to explore further the complex relationships and dependencies that underpin infrastructure in the modern data center.

The combination of our discovery and dependency mapping solution with the ServiceNow platform provides not just a thorough inventory of assets that might otherwise have been hidden, but also an understanding of how relationships work across complex virtualized estates. By pulling our data into their CMDBs, IT teams will have the information they need for optimization, asset management and more effective system configuration.

What you need to know

I need in-depth data about hardware and software relationships across compute, storage and network resources.

Is there a way for me to use ServiceNow to identify and manage infrastructure components and their relationships, including cluster-node members?

I have to manage and reduce costs through IT transformation and data center consolidation.


I want to use ServiceNow to get a clearer image of my estate to support software license compliance and optimization.

How can I capture info on the complex hardware and software relationships across different operating systems, including Windows, Unix and Linux?

I’m about to move some applications to the cloud. How can I get a clear map of dependencies, so I know where I should start?

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IQSonar is an agentless, best-of-breed discovery and dependency mapping solution that automates the process of collecting in-depth data about hardware and software relationships in bi-modal infrastructure.

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