The World’s Leading IT Asset Management Discovery and Inventory Solution Now Delivers Even Richer Capabilities to the Office of the CIO and its SAM, Procurement and IT Operations Stakeholders.

Dublin, Ireland, July 2nd, 2013 — iQuate, the leading provider of automated IT discovery, inventory and measurement solutions for large enterprises, today announced the release of iQSonar v3, the latest version of the world leading IT asset management discovery and inventory solution.

iQSonar now delivers even richer capabilities to iQuate’s customers and partners, with rich business intelligence and analysis, advanced data aggregation and augmentation, and seamless interoperability with existing solutions and processes.

“We are delighted to announce the release of iQSonar v3”, said Jason Keogh, iQuate CTO and founder, “The goal of this release has been to really enable customers and partners to leverage the power of the data in iQSonar. The new interface is aimed at allowing users to explore the data, see inter-relationships and to inform decisions which can reduce cost and risk in IT.”

iQSonar v3 delivers the following additional benefits to SAM, Procurement and IT Operations stakeholders:

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  • A Single Centralized Source Of Rich Inventory Data

    iQSonar v3 includes the iQDataHub data warehouse, allowing iQSonar scan data to be augmented with data from other sources to provide a rich central repository of detailed inventory and measurement data. Data from multiple iQSonar engines, and from different time periods, can be aggregated in a single location. iQDataHub also supports sophisticated cleansing and categorization of scanned data, making it even more useful and easier to work with.

  • Seamless Integration With Existing Solutions and Processes

    iQDataHub provides an open database schema and associated API to support customers and partners in integrating the data iQSonar gathers into existing solutions and processes. These integrations enable easy data analysis via business intelligence software and allows rapid data export to License Management tools and enterprise class CMBDs. iQSonar helps to ensure that these tools deliver accurate and precise information on the datacenter’s enterprise physical and virtual hardware and software position.

  • Rich Visualization Harnesses the True Value Of Inventory Data

    iQSonar v3 includes a rich data visualization module, iQExplore, which includes comprehensive dashboard, reporting, search and ad-hoc query capabilities to harness the true value of inventory data and make this data accessible and relevant to different business users.


“iQSonar v3 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of iQuate’s discovery and inventory business. Our customers have recognised the key importance of accurate inventory data in driving critical IT operations processes and workflows. iQSonar v3 ensures that the inventory data we deliver is seamlessly integrated into these processes, and that our customers and partners can immediately identify and leverage the value of this data”.

Jason Keogh, CTO, iQuate


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