iQCloud Offers Automated Discovery and Service Mapping 2.0 for a Smarter Cloud Journey

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 05, 2017 — Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference — iQuate today announced the availability of iQCloud, the most advanced automated discovery and service mapping solution for digital enterprises.

As cloud computing becomes mainstream, business and IT professionals must understand how their IT services are delivered to run their business in a digital age. How can you harness the power of the cloud if you don’t understand how your existing IT services are delivered today?

“iQCloud gives organizations what they need for a smarter way to the cloud,” says Patrick McNally, CEO of iQuate. “We call it Discovery and Service Mapping 2.0 because it automatically discovers, maps, sizes, tracks, and enables dynamic service management with top-down application services visibility together with bottom-up infrastructure clarity.  We will tell you how your IT services are delivered now, and we’ll help you manage them wherever they are delivered in the future—across legacy, private and public cloud environments.”

McNally brought together a highly respected team with several decades of experience in discovery and service mapping to create iQCloud. The iQuate team worked with an existing global customer base to build a solution that reduces to minutes and hours what once required weeks, and months of manual effort and required deep in-house knowledge of IT resources.

iQCloud provides actionable information to IT and business professionals within the first hour of onboarding and doesn’t require installation or deep knowledge of the IT enterprise it exposes. “The technology has been designed to get more organizations into the cloud faster and with lower risk,” says McNally. “iQCloud automatically provides a holistic view across your entire estate, including highly dynamic, hybrid IT environments.”

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iQuate is a global leader in IT operations management technology. We provide a digital management platform to seamlessly automate discovery and service mapping for ongoing digital transformation across complex hybrid and multi-cloud estates. iQuate gives you a smarter journey to the cloud. Learn more by scheduling your own demo at

Parker Hathcock, Director of Product Marketing, iQuate
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