As an Amazon Web Services Select Partner, iQuate helps AWS service providers accelerate cloud migration assessments. iQuate’s automated-agentless discovery and service mapping provides partners a top-down understanding of each client’s hybrid IT estate—from simple to complex business applications like SAP.

Most organizations have limited visibility into how the functional components of their business services interact. Discovery and assessment of the existing IT landscape is a vital piece in migration planning. Organizations must understand the business impact of migration in order to plan accurate move groups. iQCloud’s top-down analysis of enterprise applications, workloads, and infrastructure uncovers the complex mix of workloads—on-premises, virtualized, containerized, or already cloud-native.

That analysis, if performed manually, is a painstaking and error-prone process. This requires several months of manually mapping services based on infrastructure information, and application owner interviews, wasting valuable time and manpower across the enterprise.

iQCloud automates the process, and compresses migration assessments to a matter of weeks, providing a clear migration path for workloads like Microsoft 2008 end-of-life, SAP, and legacy applications. AWS partners are now able to accelerate their migration assessments with a single migration tool.

iQCloud provides:

  • Agentless deployment for zero impact to the datacenter
  • Full-stack discovery covering on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, virtualization, clustering and container technology
  • A built-in business intelligence engine for inventory or business use case assessments
  • A Rest API to integrate with CMDBs or enrich third-party data integrations

About iQuate

iQuate is a global leader in agentless discovery and service mapping enabling organizations to obtain a complete picture of Hybrid IT including business services, workloads, and supporting infrastructure. Get data and insights needed to accelerate Cloud Migration, IT Modernization, Data Center Transformation, and Hybrid IT Management.