Service providers need insight across on-premises, virtual, clustered, hybrid and multi-cloud IT

By Fred Johannessen, VP of Alliances, iQuate

Over the last three years, managed service providers—along with just about every other service and tech provider in the business IT world—have been hit with a series of dramatic changes in the marketplace. As more businesses have started moving to the cloud, more of these businesses have realized that the cloud journey requires insight and skill to be successful.

But where do they find the right people armed with the right technology to discover all the details of the current state of their IT landscape – legacy assets and all, and then, take them to the cloud quickly with rapid ROI? It’s a tall order.

Competitive organizations now realize that it will take the right service provider to reach their goals. More companies every day start their search for the right service provider to help them make the jump to cloud successfully and manage their hybrid cloud estate going forward.

What They’re Looking for

No matter where those companies are now, they need highly accurate and detailed information on the current state of their IT estate as well as some requirements for their desired state.

So, where do they get it?

In many cases, infrastructure and operations groups within organizations attempt to gather current state information manually. This is time-consuming and risky. Neither of these manual approaches based on educated guesses will deliver the fast and confident success required by companies moving to the cloud. They won’t work for the service providers they select to help them get there, either.

What You Need to Deliver

As a managed service provider, you need automated discovery and service mapping to give you and your clients visibility to start and continue their cloud journey with the accurate intelligence you need to propose and migrate the right applications on the right cloud platform(s), quickly and accurately. We’ve designed iQCloud to do exactly this.

iQCloud quickly identifies how the physical and virtual infrastructure supports business services now, whether deployed on-premises, virtual, clustered, or in private or public networks. It maps these services and relationships across compute, storage and network devices. These service maps can then be used to populate and update cloud orchestration tools, CMDBs, and/or software asset management (SAM) tools. This information is a rich resource for service providers to proactively improve and optimize client environments.

In the following blog series, I’ll show you how you can use our technology to build your managed services and meet the new market demand for insight for cloud migration and cloud management.

If you’d like to know more now, please contact us and request a demo. You can also reach out to me directly to discuss partnership opportunities with your organization.

–Fred J.