In Benjamin Franklin’s famous Poor Richard’s Almanack of 1750, he describes “…three things extremely hard—steel, a diamond and to know one’s self.” As with other pieces of indisputable wisdom, this observation is one that’s been made for many thousands of years.

It’s about accepting your limitations, strengths, and opportunities as they really are. It’s about accepting painful realities and determining the best ways to deal with them. It’s tough but strategically critical.

Knowing yourself is, essentially, knowing your starting point. That’s important because, even if you have a map that shows you exactly where you can find treasure, it’s useless if you don’t know exactly where you are now. It’s the big, red YOU ARE HERE on the map.

Map to the Cloud

So, what does all of this mean for your ongoing transition to hybrid IT with cloud?

As with any journey or process, knowing your position right now—your current state—relative to where you’re going—the desired state—is the secret to taking the fastest and most direct trip to your goal.

With cloud migration you must know how the IT assets that support business services work in their current state, so you can move or be re-imagine them in the cloud in an orderly and prioritized way.

Most organizations have some of this current state information spread across the business, like puzzle pieces. They find bits of information in CMDBs, with some inaccuracies. Clues hide in spreadsheets. Anecdotal tribal knowledge can be found by asking questions. It’s rarely complete.

This can lead to trouble when migration begins—or after it’s already happened. Unless you have a clear understanding of your current state—that YOU ARE HERE awareness—you risk enormous losses, even with a team of cloud tech experts at your command. Costs can skyrocket. Services can disappoint. The resulting added complexity takes time and manual effort to repair.

This story has become more common as more resources are taken to the cloud, but, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just by applying some strategic automation to understand your current IT environment, you can know yourself and keep the machinery of business on the right track.

Automated Discovery for the IT Estate

iQCloud provides a simple, fast and automated way to identify IT infrastructure and applications connected to TCP/IP networks within your IT environment right now. Given an IP address range and a set of credentials, iQCloud scans each IP address within the searchable range. Then it identifies and classifies all devices or hosts from which it receives a response. iQCloud collects data on running processes and open ports for each discovered device or host, along with inbound and outbound communications across cloud and legacy technologies including private cloud configurations, Amazon Web Servers (AWS) containers, microservices and virtualized assets.

iQCloud gives you this critical self-knowledge within the first hour of onboarding and brings unprecedented clarity to complex, hybrid, and multi-cloud IT estates.

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