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Start discovery today. Get the best value for any size transformation project–big or small.


Discover hybrid environments with up to 100K+ servers Delivered in a ‘Software As Aservice’ Model for fast onboarding

Zero Knowledge Automated Service Dependency Mapping

Automatically group your applications and infrastructure into business services No prior knowledge of business services and applications needed to begin discovery

Discovery via Agentless Technology

Enable’s a rich complete data set with zero impact to data centers

Hybrid Support

Discover On Premises, Public and Private Clouds

Full Stack Discovery

Discovery support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Virtualization, Clustering, Containers, and Cloud services

BI Reporting

Self Service Reporting and Dashboards Customizable business use cases reports e.g. Microsoft EOL, SAP HANA, Cloud Migration


Our extendable catalog allows you to categories custom applications and collect additional custom metrics and configuration. Use ‘CI Tagging’ to add your own notes like move groups for migration or groupings for custom searching

REST API for Third-Party Integrations
Out-of-the-Box CMDB Integrations

Encrypted Data and communications

Quick Time to Value

Configure, discover and view results within hours


Simple subscription license model Suitable for short term projects (pay per use) Unlimited Discovery Collectors

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What is an OSI?

Operating System Instance

How many OSI’s do I need?

Total up all your Physical + Virtual Servers

Do I need an OSI for an ESX?


What are my licensing options?

Simple Subscription model, Contact Us for more details

How does subscription pricing work?

Pay for what you use month to month.

How do I buy?

Contact Us and we will get you up and running straight away

Do you offer volume license discounts?

Contact Us to discuss your requirements further

Can I try iQCloud before I buy it?

Sure, contact us for more details

Is there a minimum license purchase?

500 OSI’s for 3 Months, contact us for alternatives