Webinar: Avoid Extinction with iQCloud for MSPs

By 2020 70% of businesses will be in the cloud. Join us to learn how you can create differentiated services to enable your customers' cloud migrations.

Managed Service Providers: Face Extinction without Key Cloud Migration Technology

Face Extinction without Cloud Migration Technology

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the customers you serve demand more insight and technical capabilities to ensure their cloud journeys will pay off. They want to know where and how to start migrating their key business services to the cloud. As an MSP it is imperative to build a strategy and service offering for your customers so they have the ability to discovery and map their services with accuracy– or face losing customers, that will lead to your extinction and a trusted service provider.

Survive, thrive, and monetize by opening new revenue streams without the threat of extinction. iQCloud for MSPs gives you the technology you need to build differentiated services that lead to the cloud. iQCloud provides you with rapid, discovery and service mapping across multiple, complex technologies—within the first hour of onboarding. It’s what you need for successful cloud migrations.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Survive: by migrating and managing your customers’ journey to the cloud with one tool
  • Thrive: define a new high efficiency service offering to customers
  • Monetize: open new recurring revenue streams with iQCloud for MSPs
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