Discovery for Microsoft

Don’t wait until 2020. See how your business services will be impacted by upcoming Microsoft end-of-support.

Millions of applications are still running Microsoft Server and SQL Server 2008.

iQuate discovery for hybrid IT gives you the data and insights needed to plan and execute a successful migration. And it doesn’t disrupt your critical workflows.


Discover your Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 footprint in your Hybrid IT estate


View all business services impacted by Microsoft EOL


Use iQCloud’s Microsoft EOL Report to plan and deliver a successful migration


Service-First Microsoft Transformation

iQuate is your single source of truth to identify how MS Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 end-of-life could impact your IT business services.

Service Impact

Automatically map and view your business services within hours to better understand the impact from all Microsoft EOL dependencies. No manual mapping.

See all Windows 08 Infrastructure

With easy-to-understand service mapping views, get a full inventory of all your Microsoft EOL components to transform and/or decommission over-provisioned licenses.

Export Microsoft Report with BI Engine

Generate the on-demand Microsoft EOL Service Impact report to get quick insights into services using Microsoft EOL components, shared-infrastructure and dependency details needed to accurately execute a successful migration.