Companies in a wide range of industries see that moving IT resources to the cloud promise strategic, scale and cost advantages they need. Gartner recently forecast that $186.4 billion will be spent on the public cloud worldwide in 2018.

While some organizations are making this move to the cloud on their own, most companies look to strategic service providers to help them realize these benefits. That’s why, according to a recent report by Research and Markets, “The cloud migration services market is expected to grow…to $9.47 billion by 2022.”

Missing Pieces

Still, service providers know that there are real challenges to getting their customers’ cloud initiatives off the ground and keeping them successful as they juggle legacy IT with new cloud technology. Incomplete CMDB data, misunderstood dependencies and inaccurate maps of services all add risk to any assessment process for cloud migration. This process is critical, too. Without it, you don’t know what to rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild or replace. You must understand exactly where you are now so that you can take advantage of new technology. So, here come the big questions…

  • How do you get the data you need for an accurate assessment of the IT estate for organizations moving to the cloud without depending on a long, manual process?
  • How will you continue to evaluate your customers’ highly complex hybrid enterprises and lead them as they mature?
  • How do you provide increasing value to your customers—and a growing business for you—over time?
  • Finally, how do you do all this as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Put It All Together

That’s a tall order, but there is a solution.

iQCloud provides rapid, SaaS-based automated discovery and service mapping for cloud migration service providers. It eliminates the costs, inaccuracies and slow, manual work of the traditional assessment process so that you can get your share of the multi-billion-dollar cloud migration services market while you lead your customers to success.

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