Discovery for Oracle Cloud Migration

Enable a fast path to Oracle Cloud by getting immediate data and insights into the critical business services running Oracle Software with application dependency mapping.

Are your enterprise workloads Oracle Cloud compatible?

See through the complexity of your Oracle databases, middleware, and workloads with automated discovery and service mapping. Plan and accelerate migrations by understanding IT business service impacts and Oracle Cloud compatibility.


Discover the entire topology of your on-premises and cloud environments to build you cloud migration strategy


View the impact of Oracle workloads on your business services


Assess suitability for Oracle Cloud with the On-Demand Oracle Migration Assessment Report


Trusted by Oracle. Delivered by iQuate.

iQuate cloud migration tools are used by Fortune 500 companies around the world, using technology that is Oracle verified. Create a service-first, data-driven migration plan with iQuate to drive success in the cloud.

Oracle Inventory

Get a full technical breakdown and complete inventory of your Oracle Software to get a baseline for building your Oracle cloud migration strategy.

  • Oracle product and version
  • Licensing (Including Options and Packs),
  • Product Configuration (Character Set, Endian, CDB)
  • Hosting Platform (OS, Version, Size and configuration)
  • Storage (DB Sizes, Data Types, Quantity of Data)


Service Impact Analysis

Understand how Oracle Software impacts your business services during migration with discovery for hybrid IT. See the components that support each service to see what needs further investigation before migration.

Oracle Cloud Compatibility

The on-demand iQCloud Oracle Migration Assessment automatically scores your services based on product configuration and platform for cloud compatibility and move group planning.