iQuate Delivers the Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

iQuate Delivers the Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

iQCloud Fuels HPE Right Mix Advisor with Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping

DUBLIN, Ireland, March 19, 2019– iQuate’s iQCloud Discovery has been selected by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a core component of their new offering HPE Right Mix Advisor which enables organizations to develop their hybrid cloud strategy with confidence and accuracy.

Large organizations have thousands of applications with dependencies running on complex architectures. Lack of visibility into this complexity makes it impossible to determine the right mix of hybrid cloud for their business needs.

iQCloud’s agentless SaaS-based discovery was purpose-built to provide clarity and visibility of all applications running across hybrid environments. The iQCloud integration with HPE Right Mix Advisor enables organizations to move applications to the cloud rapidly with the confidence the optimal platform(s) are selected whether public, private, or on-premises.

“While enterprises have generally accepted hybrid cloud platforms as the most efficient, there are complexities in identifying which applications are best suited for any given platform,” says Erik Vogel, Global Vice President of HPE Pointnext. “HPE Right Mix Advisor, as an approach, brings together expertise, tooling ecosystem, and methodologies. iQuate’s iQCloud provides a particular comprehensive application discovery phase, with the clear advantage of the tooling being jointly engineered and coded.”

“HPE is a strategic partner that shares our vision for the future with Right Mix Advisor, by providing the customer a complete understanding of the application landscape to migrate and manage Hybrid Cloud with confidence. What once took customers months of manual, error-prone discovery to understand the IT estate, has now been cut down to weeks with iQCloud and RMA”, says Paul Mansfield, CTO of iQuate.

For more information on HPE Right Mix Advisor please see here.

About iQuate

iQuate is a global leader in agentless discovery and service mapping enabling organizations to obtain a complete picture of Hybrid IT, which includes applications, workloads, and supporting infrastructure. Get the knowledge needed to support a right mix-strategy to accelerate Cloud Migration, IT Modernization, Data Center Transformation, and Hybrid IT Management.

iQCloud Delivers Smart Cloud Migration with Engage ESM (an Atos Company)

iQCloud Delivers Smart Cloud Migration with Engage ESM (an Atos Company)

Engage ESM brings customers to the cloud faster and easier with rapid, automated discovery from iQCloud

LOS GATOS, Calif., Sept. 12, 2018– iQuate announces a new partnership with Engage ESM Ltd., an Atos company, to deliver accelerated cloud migration.

Known for their innovative, next-generation software for discovery and service mapping, iQuate provides the understanding required to evaluate and prioritize applications for a cloud migration plan. Engage ESM is heavily invested in cloud migration technologies, and their expertise across operations, development and business transformation will be enhanced with automated discovery and service mapping from iQuate.

The partnership will help address the fast-growing demand for end-to-end cloud migration services including Multicloud from Engage ESM. Enabling end-user organizations to address their business transformation needs faster, eliminate delays and deliver faster ROI. Additionally, it will result in more comprehensive services for hybrid cloud orchestration and management.

“We are thrilled to roll out this program with Engage ESM,” says Aman Kahlon, VP of Alliances at iQuate. “Their specialist business service team has the experience that clients need for continued success. We have the most powerful technology available for quick visibility into complex IT estates. Together, we can lead the way to a smarter cloud.”

Andy Fleck, Head of Multicloud Management at Engage ESM concludes: “With iQuate, we swiftly eliminate challenges to Multicloud migration and build value for our customers within the first few hours of our engagements. We will then use it to follow our clients’ maturity and development in the years to come.”

About Engage ESM
Engage ESM is an Atos company and Gold Sales and Services partner for ServiceNow globally; providing design, implementation, and support services to clients worldwide. The company is a leader in the enterprise-service management (ESM) sector, which includes cloud management, IT, customer service, security, and HR. Engage ESM helps organizations of all sizes to improve their operational performance and extend the value of existing and new investments in ServiceNow and Cisco Multicloud.
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About iQuate
iQuate is a global leader in IT operations management for hybrid IT. Our solutions provide agentless, automated discovery and service mapping for actionable insight into complex, multi-cloud IT estates within the first hour of onboarding, with no impact on IT resources and no need for extensive prior knowledge required. Our partners include some of the largest and most respected IT leaders in the world.
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