Service Operations Management / ITSM

Physical. Virtual. Cloud. Network devices and storage. Map all your CIs with a service-centric view. See How With iQCloud


More Detail and Accuracy with Less Effort

That’s what you need, but where do you find it? The DNA of modern applications is very complex with many sources and destinations to watch. Changes can have unforeseen results if you aren’t considering all the relevant dependencies.

To get the full picture, you need to find configuration items (Cis) across your on-site, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. You also need to collect events, metrics and CI changes.

The iQuate Solution

iQCloud provides a new and smarter way to manage the lifecycle of your business services. With a single architecture, platform and UX, it provides one-click insight and easy integration with your service management tools. 

It’s all about the facts. iQCloud’s agentless, automated discovery provides the details you need to improve service availability without the painstaking process of manual mapping. Don’t just react to problems–plan them out of existence.

“By 2020, 24% of enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based, and organizations are looking for third-party expertise to help move to the cloud.” – Gartner

“By 2018, 65% of companies’ IT assets will be offsite in co-location and cloud datacenters while a third of IT “staff” will be employees of third party service providers.” – IDC

“By 2018, 67% of the CEOs of Global 2000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy.” – Forbes

“Half of CEOs worldwide lacked confidence in their company’s ability to execute the technology strategies necessary for digital transformation.” – Frost & Sullivan


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