Why you need to keep discovering your IT resources (and why it will save you money)

There are many unsung heroes out there who don’t get the credit they deserve for the great things they do. That’s because we don’t see it. For example, the smart, hard-working people who prevented a second 9/11 by carefully applying security policies and setting up monitoring didn’t get a lot of credit.  Why?  Because they successfully prevented a disaster. Since that disaster didn’t happen, it didn’t make the headlines. The contributions of the people behind the scenes who provided this hard-earned safety—although tremendous—slipped under the radar.

Operating a data center can be like that. If you’re doing your job, the disaster never happens.

But when it does…

IT outages cost business millions of dollars a year in direct costs, but there are also reputational costs and potential legal costs to worry about as well.

So what causes IT outages?  By and large, misconfigured systems are to blame.  A website or store can go humming along for years. Then, a well-meaning admin addresses an issue by making a configuration change. Nothing happens right away, but once the conditions become different – a load increases or a new set of security credentials is used—bam! You have an outage. You also have the kind of headlines nobody wants to read.

Given the high stakes, wise CIOs along with managed service providers (MSPs) and their teams work to protect the configuration of the systems under their watchful eyes. To do that, they must do two things:

  1. Record the desired state of the application or service when it’s deployed or updated
  2. Run periodic discoveries to validate that the discovered state matches the authorized or desired state

This means that these teams need a fast, accurate and adaptable way to take a snapshot of the data center. They need it to have no footprint on resources, but to show upstream and downstream dependencies. They need to see how complex, multi-tier applications and their components communicate internally with other infrastructure components. They can’t use a lot of time or manual effort on this, either. They just don’t have it.

What they need is iQCloud.

iQCloud provides a rapid and agentless SaaS-based automated discovery and service mapping solution for configuration managers and service providers. It eliminates the costs, inaccuracies and slow, manual work of any assessment process for the current state of IT. It’s a powerful tool to prevent disasters before they happen. And that’s the best way to stop any problem.

See what iQCloud can do to keep your organization and customers out of the headlines. Get your 14-day free trial of iQCloud today.