By Shane McDermott, Director of Alliances, iQuate

The modern data center is the engine room of IT services, built on virtual clusters and cloud platforms designed to give organizations the scale and agility they need to run a business across global markets. Traditional IT models based around simple server/application relationships went out the window as converged infrastructure prevailed.

Somewhere in the maelstrom of all this change it became apparent that cost and service optimization were becoming harder to control. If you can’t guarantee value for money and operational efficiency, the pursuit of more agile IT services is seriously undermined. No wonder that organizations are becoming more and more focused on rationalizing their data center costs.

Cisco make the point that the industry focus around data center costs is almost always preoccupied with power, cooling and operations, yet software typically accounts for  at least 40 per cent of the total spend…and sometimes much more. The problem is that the real cost of software becomes blurred, because virtualization makes it hard to analyze software license demand. Understanding the entire picture allows an organization to properly manage the implications for transformation projects and licensing.

Deep insights

All of this matters to Cisco because it has made the data center central to its business roadmap. It’s many years since the global network giant reinvented itself from being a pure play router and switches company to become a leading provider of converged infrastructure solutions that find a home in enterprise-class data centers. Along the way, Cisco identified an opportunity to work with iQuate and give its customers a better understanding of the software running in these estates.

The partnership offers an enormous opportunity for cost savings. Firstly, by clarifying licensing positions and avoiding expensive audits; secondly, by using the discovered data to better inform migration, optimization and consolidation projects, reducing software costs and ensuring new data center initiatives are based on a solid business case.

3 Reasons to choose Cisco and iQuate – Download the Solution Brief

Making recommendations

We have teamed up with Cisco to provide a scan and discovery process that helps organizations build accurate inventories of software assets and their dependencies. Our combined efforts ensure data center software is deployed in the most cost-efficient way, both in terms of the licensing position with the respective vendors and for better informing IT projects.

Leveraging our insights, Cisco consulting engineers deliver detailed reports to customers on data center clusters that encompass Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and IBM software. They will then make recommendations, suggesting ways to avoid license over/under use, or, for example, advising on the most cost-efficient way to migrate applications to higher performance server platforms.

We are helping address very real challenges for the modern enterprise, where success hinges on having a comprehensive understanding of software dependencies in data center estates. Thanks to Cisco and iQuate, you can have it.

iQuate will be exhibiting at Cisco Live taking place in Las Vegas from July 10-14. Click here to learn more about how we work with Cisco and to book a demo of our solution during the event.