As organizations move to the cloud, speed and complexity grow. The advantages are great, but so are the risks of outages and downtime. You can’t afford to lose sight of what’s important.

Your ability to discover and understand interdependencies of running applications is foundational to managing and migrating these applications to the cloud. But doing this can be a big challenge. Legacy management tools and first-generation application discovery and dependency mapping (ADDM) products are obsolete, expensive, and resource-intensive.

A New Vision

Organizations must dramatically simplify the way applications and business services are delivered, managed, and supported. To survive, IT must evolve from using server-centric tools to service-centric solutions.

iQCloud is a powerful service-centric discovery and service mapping solution. It captures detailed information about applications, servers, and key components through its discovery to ensure end-to-end visibility. Its mapping capability continuously and automatically outlines services, including the ways key components communicate across the whole IT infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Workflow Example

Here’s a simple, real-world example of how iQCloud uses it’s multifaceted mapping capabilities to enable a business application migration via its discovery and mapping, capability:


  1. View a business application and its downstream dependencies to determine what is needed for migration.


2. Ensure that no other business application is dependent on resources using the upstream dependency view.

3. Confirm that no other services would be impacted via the communication view.

Move and Manage

  1. Generate reports to start executing the application migration process. Repeat the process as needed to verify the success of changes you make and manage intelligently as you build out your modern hybrid cloud enterprise.

A clear view across a complex IT estate is the key to aligning IT speed, efficiency and quality with your cloud migration goals. iQCloud gives you that view.

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Jihad has had more than 25 years of experience in product management and software engineering. He was the co-founder of Apscout, a SaaS-based platform to simplify the delivery, management and support of applications and business services, which was acquired by iQuate in 2017. Throughout his career, Jihad has demonstrated comprehensive expertise in the development and delivery of creative and highly innovative market-leading software and cloud-based enterprise solutions. He is a unique problem solver who understands challenges from both technical and business perspectives.  Jihad is also an avid drone enthusiast who designs, builds and operates his own squadron in his free time.

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