By Shane McDermott, Director of Alliances, iQuate

ServiceNow has disrupted the IT service management industry because of its cloud capabilities, but it’s not just the convenience of having a hosted solution, it’s the benefits that derive from what can be wrapped around it in a more agile environment.

Learn how iQuate can accelerate your ServiceNow investment

In the increasingly complex world of hybrid IT services, where infrastructure and applications are distributed across multiple data centers and different cloud platforms, CIOs and their teams face enormous challenges to deliver real business transformation for their organizations.

Three requirements are always near the top of their agenda: provide a helpdesk that can support more efficient service delivery, empower the organization with services that can transform the business, and find a way to make legacy applications part of the process.

ServiceNow enables all three; iQSonar enhances ServiceNow in providing these by helping organizations achieve their IT goals quicker and with a better return on investment. Let’s look at how.

  1. Improve the helpdesk role

A helpdesk’s ability to resolve technical problems quickly depends on the IT organization being able to identify who owns what across the estate, and having an accurate record of the relationships between the different assets. It is well recognized that iQSonar provides a complete data center record and the backbone for a better helpdesk experience by populating the ServiceNow CMDB with all identified hardware/software assets, and then auto-populating the AMDB with details of infrastructure relationships and dependencies.

  1. Drive business transformation

Organizations understand how hybrid services and enterprise-driven data centers can enhance workloads for business transformation, but the sheer complexity of managing thousands of servers across multiple locations makes it difficult to execute. Because it’s built from the ground up for discovery and mapping at scale, iQSonar enhances ServiceNow to address this challenge.

  1. Bring legacy applications on the journey

When organizations get everything under control inside their ServiceNow instance, including legacy applications, they are better able to maximize the cloud opportunity. ServiceNow provides a robust environment to recode and wrap cloud-based automation processes around monolithic on-premise HR and finance applications.

By safely engineering legacy applications inside ServiceNow, internal IT can bring these legacy applications into the modern world and under the control of the ServiceNow helpdesk. This maximizes the financial return on critical legacy apps that are the cornerstone of many companies. With the help of iQSonar, IT can figure out exactly what they have and what they need to do to facilitate a smooth cloud migration.

Visibility and control

What it all comes down to is visibility and control. Highly virtualized infrastructure makes it easy to spin out new systems and services, delivering the kind of agility and scale that business leaders crave, but it also creates environments that are difficult to manage. It’s a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for the CIO and forward-looking IT departments.

iQSonar is the leading discovery and dependency mapping tool for complex data centers. It populates the ServiceNow CMDB with a rich source of data that provides context for the different infrastructure relationships and dependencies that exist across  major operating systems and virtualization technologies, as well as networks and storage.

The upshot is that the CIO regains control by seeing through the complexity. With full visibility, they can take IT transformation to the top table and make it central to wider business strategies.