Top Ten Cloud Migration Pitfalls for 2018:

Why you’re not at full potential

Cloud Migration Pitfalls

Cloud migration is an ongoing process that requires complete visibility of your IT estate at the start and continued insight as you migrate, so you can take advantage of innovation to reach your goals. Many cloud migration efforts don’t show initial success and can struggle along the way because critical information and processes are ignored.

Why iQCloud?

  • Fast: Quick time to value that gives you results you can use within the first hour—even with zero knowledge of the deep details of your IT estate
  • Simple: Eliminate data center discovery/dependency complexities with virtually no impact on IT resources
  • Automated: Auto-grouping of applications and their dependencies for fast mapping
  • Smart: Advanced, extensible rules engine and fingerprinting to discover more with less effort
  • Cloud-Ready: Support for containers and microservices

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