Upgrade Cisco UCS to discover new levels of performance and value with iQuate

By Shane McDermott, Director of Alliances, iQuate

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) has become a primary building block in data centers, delivering the benefits of converged infrastructure in ready-to-deploy stacks since 2009.

Over the last seven years, by integrating network, compute, storage access, and virtualization into a single cohesive system, UCS has simplified IT transformation for thousands of organizations. With the rate of increase in middleware, application and virtualization sprawl since UCS came to the market, it makes sense to take stock and review again how these systems are being used, and consider the case for re-consolidating, possibly onto the newer versions.

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Compute Consolidation

Why review your converged infrastructure? Because the benefits of agile infrastructure are eroded if you are overpaying for software licenses or running applications that under-utilize the platforms. It’s all too easy to deploy new workloads that fail on both counts. This is a real challenge in the virtualized data center, which is why Cisco has partnered with iQuate to do something about it.

Our market leading iQSonar solution uses our purpose built, patented discovery engine to scan servers and applications, gathering detailed information and mapping dependencies around hardware, operating systems, clustering and virtualization technologies.

This deep snapshot provides you with the necessary insight to make true improvements on your UCS deployments. This does not necessarily mean like for like replacement, but by using a full picture of multi-level relationships and associated software asset classes in the data center, a more complete understanding of how to take full advantage of the existing and higher performing UCS emerges.

Once this is understood, the task of creating momentum to deliver improvements becomes much easier.

More effective migration

Our approach continues to align with Cisco’s as the company sets about helping its customers understand the benefits of refreshing and upgrading their UCS installations. By adding the iQuate capability to this effort, Cisco are in a position to add more application insight and cost factors to the mix, in turn helping customers realize improved benefits.

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iQuate is part of the Cisco Solution Partner Program and there’s a key role for us in in the UCS migration process. Over time the initial installation will inevitably have become less efficient as more workloads were added. When Oracle and Microsoft applications, for example, run off the same servers and cores, there are license implications and an impact on performance. Migrating to more powerful systems offers the chance to do something about it.

Using iQSonar as part of the Cisco assessment program, IT operations can get a clearer picture of their UCS instances and use our discovery data to design a migration strategy. They can plot a path to more powerful UCS clusters with fewer cores and a smaller data center footprint, maximizing performance, optimizing licenses, and saving on power and cooling.

I’m pleased to report that we’ve seen spectacular results. We’ve been working with Cisco customers who are migrating to new UCS stacks, tripling performance and significantly reducing software costs.

Come and find out more about it at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, where iQuate will be exhibiting from July 10-14