Live Webinar Wednesday 25th April, 2018

Dangers of Using Oracle in the Cloud:
What You Can’t See Will Cost You

Cloud strategy for Oracle license management

What We’ll Cover

Your move to the cloud changes everything.

What does it mean for your Oracle unlimited license agreements (ULAs)? 

The Oracle ULA certification process is tough. You’ve got to be tougher. Learn how to:

  • Overcome the three main challenges you face when managing or certifying an Oracle ULA.
  • Use a complete data inventory of your deployments for bargaining leverage with Oracle.
  • Negotiate effectively to make your ULA agreement cloud-ready.
  • Follow best practices to avoid under-certification—and costly surprises.


Date: Wednesday, April 25

Time: 9am CST

Duration: 60 min

Featured Speakers

Aman Kahlon
EMEA Business Director

Fredrik Filipsson
Executive Consultant

Aman Kahlon, iQuate’s EMEA Business Director and Fredrik Filipsson, Executive Consultant, Global Team, Insight EMEA will present the latest details on improving your visibility to effectively manage your Oracle licenses for growth.

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